Mentors and LinkedIn Learning

As an Essential member, you’ll not only access The Mentors online community, the Getting Started Modules, and the Digital Business System, you will also have full access to the LinkedIn Learning Platform for free.


Mentors give you the best opportunity to enhance your digital skills in business, creativity, education, or technology by partnering with online education giant LinkedIn Learning.

What Courses Can You Access?

Here are just a few examples of the courses you’ll be able to sink your teeth into at LinkedIn Learning with your Mentors Membership:



This is the best global platform for online learning with over 10,000 virtual courses available, which will help you learn any skill you need to create a successful online business, covering areas such as;

•  Marketing – SEO, Social Media Platforms, Content Strategy, Analytics, etc.

•  Creative – 3D Animation, Website Design, Audio, Photography, Video, etc.

•  Developer – Apps, Gaming, Software Platforms, Cloud, Databases, etc.

•  Computer Aided Design – Architecture, Product Design, Interior Modelling, etc.

•  Business – Management, Leadership, Presentations, Finding Talent, etc.

This comes with your Essential Membership for free because Mentors want to provide you with absolutely everything you need to set up a digital business, no matter what area, niche, skillset, focus point, or interest you want to pursue. This training platform works to add even more value to the Getting Started Modules, which provide you with the online business foundations you need.

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