Now, most people are tethered by fear. They’re afraid of being poor (or of being poorer), they’re worried about their jobs (even though they hate them), or they are frustrated that they’re never experiencing the success they want. 

Success is not something you chase. It’s not something you can catch. Success is something that comes to you, and you attract it with your thoughts and actions. Isaac Newton very famously said: ‘for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.’ Now think about your thoughts and actions. If they are all negative, then you will automatically be getting a negative reaction. If they’re positive, however, you will get a positive reaction. That’s just the law of nature, and it’s as real as gravity. 

stop focusing on what you don’t want, and start focusing on what you want to manifest in your life, and it WILL follow. 

 If you can conceive it, and believe it, you can achieve it! 

Your thoughts attract things with a force that you can´t see, but it’s definitely real

You get what you expect

Hoping the possibilities that whatever happens ……..even the bad stuff can lead to better things

Bringing out that Greatness in you: Before we were born GOD has spoken greatness in our life.

Experiencing Prosperity even in Spirit, Body, and Soul. GOD said He wishes above all things that we should Prosper and be in good health even as our soul Prospereth. GOD nurtures little things to greatness through a process,  Greatness is coming if you PERSIST- in Prayer, hard work, sowing seed,  working on the marriage, and in attaining that great height.

If You Would Be Rich, Pray!
Wealth is generally interpreted as an abundance of valuable possessions or money. Hence, Having riches is not a problem, but having a wrong attitude towards it is a problem. Riches should be thankfully received and we must value Heavenly riches above earthly wealth. Earthly riches are to be used in the service of the creator and the true owner of all things. It should be used for something reasonable in making our lives comfortable and also the lives of people around us. Mark 4:19 And the cares of this world, and the deceitfulness of riches, and the lust of other things entering in, choke the Word, and it becometh unfruitful.

The poverty of many people today is not out of laziness or lack of ambition, but due to a prayerless lifestyle. If you would be rich, then you must be ready to continuously knock on the doors of heaven with prayer, until your breakthrough comes.

Every day your body is subjected to a whole range of stress and strain from a whole range of issues and particularly with all types of flu, colds and viruses becoming more and more prevalent.

These issues impact you at your cellular level which in turn impacts the quality of your life.

They can come from what you eat, inhale and the exercise you put your body through. These and other activities including natural attrition all contribute to dead and dying cells throughout your body.

What is remarkable is that your body is always replacing and repairing these dead and dying cells.

This occurs through the release of your own stem cells that flow through your body looking for where they are most needed. Superlife Total Care in 30 days (STC30) helps your body to produce these stem cells.

Besides healing damaged tissues, stem cells have the unique ability to modulate the immune system so as to shut off pathological responses while preserving its ability to fight off disease.

Your stem cells do an amazing job keeping you in good condition. However, as you age their flow begins to diminish resulting in slower recovery from physical and health issues.

STC30 is basically a stem cell nutrition product that helps to boost the number of adult stem cells circulating in your body.

More information on STC30 is available on


🎯What is the name of the company?

🎯 What is the name of the CEO?
Lai Tek Kaen

🎯 When was the company founded?
2017 in MALAYSIA

🎯What are your products?
STC30, SIC, SNC, SCC15, Double root coffee

🎯Do you have an office in Nigeria?
Yes, a Corporate Head office is in Lagos, Ikeja, and Abuja

🎯Is the company registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission CAC?
Yes, we are CAC registered.

🎯 Are you sure this company won’t fold up like others?
We are very sure because it is a legally registered and licensed corporate entity recognized by the laws of the land and especially because it deals in products that have a PERMANENT market ie as long as we have human beings, these products will ALWAYS be in demand.

🎯How do I join your company?
Get back to the person who introduced or first told you about the company and signup through him/her.

🎯 Must I refer anyone before I start making money?
Yes. It is network marketing. We need people

🎯 Getting people is hard; how do I go about it?
Not anymore in these days that we have social media platforms. Besides, we operate on a team effort basis with marketing techniques that are tried, tested, and proven. All you have to do is follow instructions and just COPY AND PASTE. We will also make available material that you can use to help you further after you have registered and come on board.

🎯 Who should I target to join me?
* Everyone, people they have an influence on people already.*

🎯 You said referring people is very good; what is in it for us if we do that?
The mouth-watering compensation plan for referrals and bonuses is a beautiful reason for those who refer to others.

🎯 How many people am I expected to directly refer to?
At least 2.

🎯 Can I refer more than 2 people directly?
Yes, of course, you can! In fact, the more, the merrier and better for you!

🎯 Do spillovers help my downlines?

🎯How then can I help my downlines?
You can choose to use their Referral ID/UserNames to signup people.

🎯 Are the Superlife products for all?
Yes, it is

🎯 Can I sell this?

🎯How do I get the money as cash to spend?
You get paid directly to your bank account.

🎯What about the SPs; what are they used for?
To keep a record of activity that will qualify you for monthly leadership bonuses and other incentives.

🎯How do I accumulate SP?
STRICTLY from signups and account package upgrades.

🎯 What is the benefit of upgrading?
It helps you increasing SPs and bonuses.

🎯What if I don’t wish to upgrade?
You earn based on the package.

🎯 How do I upgrade?
It’s simple! Buy more products to qualify you for that level

🎯If I don’t make the monthly purchase this month, what happens to my SP?
No wiping of PV.

🎯Can I earn a Bonus every week and month?

Yes, you can! Just be passionate about your business.

🎯If I accumulate more SP, will I still be earning?
Yes, you will! Check out the just added incentives 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻.

🎯 Do I get SP and commissions for my indirect sign ups?
Yes, you do.

🎯 Can people outside Nigeria join SUPER LIFE?
Yes, by using your code and you earn irrespective of the currency used

🎯When I register persons who join with, 55k 220k, 550k, e.t.c do l get paid. yes

🎯How does having more Direct referrals help me?
*It increases your chances of having active downlines and helps you earn more referral bonuses

First come first serve…

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